Great Ad-Making Tips Vol 1

18 04 2009

In this write-up I will be telling you some Tips ‘N’ Tricks on Making Ad’s.

Ok Lets get started with a little disicion Which one would you rather click on?

Ad 1


Ad 2

I bet it would be the Bottem one! Surprising thing is that bolth the Ads where made for the Same Item! To make good Ads you must make it Not blend in with It’s surroundings make it colourful, Use Unique. I bet you are saying ” How do you do that?” Download Paint.NET a top Of the line Image editing program that can Beat MS Paint in Anyway. Don’t use the Paint Brust tool to make Hard-to-read Text, Paint.NET has a super Awesome text tool wilth 100’s of Font’s. Use the Gradient tool, Line Tool to make Awesome Ads. Include pictures of you with you’re Clothes/Place in the backgroung. Tip for Clothes Ads only Put photo’s of you in the Shirt will Lots of hats on to show people how it would look on them! If you are still going ‘How could I posibibly do that?’ there is help! I can make you a Custom Ad for only 99Tix and 49R$ just buy my Ad Making Shirt and send me a Verry Descriptive Paragraph of What pictures/Text/Colours you want you’re Ad to be!

Thats the End of Todays Issue of  Tips ‘N’ Tricks With GTA4rox08, Comment on this Entry with Problems I could help you solve.

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19 04 2009
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