Great Shirt Making Tips! Vol 1

19 04 2009

In this Issue of  Tips ‘N’ Tricks I’ll will be showing you how to Create great Shirts.

Ok lets get started, Download a Free Image editing program Paint.NET A program whitch is 10oX better than MS Paint. Then get the ROBLOX Shirt/Pants Template Open Paint.NET, File > New > Enter > Ctrl. V.Now you can start editing you’re shirt template, Make sure to have in mind what you want, It’ll save ALOT of hastle. Don’t use tha Paint tool to try to draw straight lines, Use the Line/Curve Tool! Some shirt makers just coppy paste and Resize the Left/Right arm for the Torso BAD IDEA. Example:

Swiss Cheese

Resize Left/Right Arm for Torso Example.

As you can see he/She made one Image then resized it for the rest of the shirt! Spend time making shirts will get you lots of TIX/R$ (A Great thing). Also do you see some shirts that look Absolutely Alike but they are a different colour and make by a Different user? That’s A coppied shirt/Pant, If you want to be liked don’t do that! Make your shirts Colourful Bright Teztured and people will like them. Make Ad’s for your Shirts/Pants so more people will know of your work (Go to my Ad Making Tips Post).  Update your Title, description Offen so it’ll be in the ‘Recently Updated’ Page (Where people Offen check) and you will get more buys

Well that the end of This Issue of Tips ‘N’ Tricks.

Created by GTA4rox08, Edited by GTA4rox08




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