Ambassador Program Releaced!

22 04 2009

You may have saw my other Entry, there  was a new Feature on the Test server The Ambassador Program. Please read about the Ambassador Program on my other post Since I dont want to waste time typing it out again. There are 2 pages to this Releace the ‘Ambasador Program‘ Page and the ‘Ambassador Link Inventory‘! I am just going to test the HTML right now.

Free games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

The HTML may not work with Blogs like this, So just replace the Linked Sentences’ links with the One it shows in the HTML.

Just PM me and I may do that for you.

    Created by GTA4rox08, Edited by GTA4rox08




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22 04 2009

I know.

23 04 2009

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