Way Back When #1

10 08 2009

Yes, Way Back When Episode #1. You may be wondering what this post is All about, It is a new thing I will be doing, every once and a while I will make a post telling you some cool things that Happened in the past. Exa. Updates, Flamewars, Catastrophys. If you wernt around when these things happened, you will be Amused reading about what happened!

The 20 Page Flame!

It was mid afternoon for the OTers and a post was made, Intitled “Alright. I’m sortof new to the whole “Off-Topic” forum.”  Made by ROBLOX User ‘222304’. No one knew it would turn into a Flame war, Expecailly a 20 page one! The Text of the post was “I see that 90% of the posts are junk. Anything interesting?” He had said that OT was spam. Then one of his other ROBLOX GD Friends came along and agreed saying “Im new too. Lets have fun spamming junk!” And then it went on. They argued on and on for about 10 pages, And Then I came into the story. Then comes the next interesting part! Another GDer came in, Vinni1sabitini me and him argued, I said “The last time you said 90210 was on the Scale” Vinny said that that joke is so old Hitler said it in WW II. And then followed with saying this.







(Bad things Bleeped)

Yes, A Top 100 General Discussion poster Said 3 curse words in one Sentence, Directed at me He got banned! That was a awesome flamewar! And one of the recentest ones I have been in *Thinks of the Sierra and Alex one*. To See where this all happened follow this link http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=6736238 to see where the cursing Occured go to page 13.

All of this happened before this site was made. March 24th ‘009.

Tune in next time for more Wayback when!

–GTA4rox08 (Site owner/Founder)

Contact me at info@ronewspress.com





4 responses

12 08 2009

I remember that. :o

11 08 2009

one of the bleeped things:

(such an idiot)

how is that bad?

Btw, nice burn (with the scale thing) but were you directing it towards Mckailey or vinny?

11 08 2009

Oh, I see now, the bleeped post was down the page a little. Ya, I got confused because they both ended in hitler

11 08 2009
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