Way Back When #2

11 08 2009

DirtyPie VS Builderman!

This story happened allmost ago now, And It seemed bigger when it happened than it really is. It caused fighting on the OT forum in September of ‘008.

This story starts at 10:00Am ROBLOX Time on September the 5th ‘009 With a thread Called “serious issues!!” Made by 1st time forumer DirtyPie. It said


Dirty Pie Contravorysy
(Link to that Thread http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2666437)

DirtyPie Was saying Builderman was being a bad Presidentm And he wanted to be president, He said if Elected president he would Give each ROBLOX member 200,000 R$/Tix and make BC cost $1 a year and he would ban people that called other people Noob. Then it started With people saying that he was stupid and then Neverseen6 Saying that “If ROBLOX BC was 1 dollar a year ROBLOX Would go Bankrupt”. He kept saying That he would give the ROBLOXians Currency and Make BC cheap trying to get people with him.

The Forum got 3-5  Threads (That was alot back then) talking about Dirtypie and his Statements. After he saw all of this he made an Alternate account, CleanPie. He on his alt made a thread and it said this.


(Link to thread http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2675568)

Immediatly everyone knew that they where the same people and made a Fuss. Supersonic2000 said “You are DirtyPie, you just learned some Spelling” a True Statement. Dirtypie Argued back saying he was not. It went on and then me out of the blue, Being a New forumer said “CleanPie you are DirtyPie” he back to Everyone “i am report all of u or i am going to tell builderman on u guys i am not dirtypie!” People Responded saying Please Report us (Being COnfident on they wouldnt get banned) The thread finnally died and people forgot about it and it was over. As you can see I had a Small role in this and It was something I have remembered until now.

Check RnP Later for the Next episode of Way Back When! (If you are old in ROBLOX and want and events that you saw on this Site PM me!)

Thanks for PieCrust for Giving me the links for this.

–GTA4rox08 (Site Owner/Founder)

Contact me at info@ronewspress.com




3 responses

12 08 2009

LOL! That noob dirtypie is so stupid!

12 08 2009

I love these flame war posts that you make!

12 08 2009

THanks, But Wars that happened a year ago Are hard to find.

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