How to make The “PrtScn” Button work on ROBLOX Games!

26 08 2009

Some of you may have wanted to make some ROBLOX In-Game Screenies, But when you Press the “PrtScn(Print Screen)” Key **PrtScn Key is located to the right of the F 1-12 Keys On a Desktop Kepboard And a Laptop Kepboard The Picture doesent Show up When you Paste it into a Image Editor? Well, We at RONEWSPRESS know a Simple way  to do it, And it doesent involve any Downloads!Epicsause Complete!

Open the Desired ROBLOX Game

Click the Minimize Button On the Top of the ROBLOX Game Window

Open any Internet Browser on your Computer and Resize it to the Smallest it Can go. And then Move it to the Bottem and make it so that only a little is showing. (Shown in the Picture Below.)

Internet Window for PrtScn

Then Open the ROBLOX Browser and go to your Desired Game!

Once the game is loaded click on the taskbar Item that is that Tini Window.

Press the “PrtScn” Key

Voila! You now have a picture of your Avatar ingame using the Print Screen Key!

Paste it into your Favorite Picture Editor and you will see something like this (Except My Picture will be yours)

Epicsauce UnFinnished

    Now just Crop the Edges off and Add some cool effects, And you can have a Masterpiece! (Like the Oppening Picture.)

Well, Thanks for your time!

–GTA4rox08 (Part Time Admin)




2 responses

15 04 2010

Or, you can just slightly resize the screen so you have a little sliver of your desktop showing, you click that and then press PrtScn. There’s less cutting of your picture involved.

26 08 2009

This Site Rawkz My Sawkz!

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