Some Notable Front Page Highlights

29 08 2009

Many of us remember 2008, when the games page was something you had a hard time deciding on. Some of the classics were Destroy a Giant Hotel, Dogfight Advanced by camjam007, and Crossroads, an utter classic that seems to never die out. Today, unfortunately, the games page has been cluttered with much of quick and shabby obstacle courses, every conceivable kind of tycoon, and survival games. A few games, however, have reached great heights, and are quite enjoyable. Here are a few.

NearmissTFW’s Wingz World Series

1, 2, 3, and soon to be perfected, 4. Add together to nearly 700,000 place visits, with 610,000 coming from 3 alone.
On August 28th, the Wingz World series turned 1 year old. The Wingz Day Party is still going on. Get there while you can! It really is a great party.

Wingz World III

Wingz World III

Shaakra’s Zombie Defence

One of the only good zombie-based games left on ROBLOX. The zombie-fad spread too far too quick.
Another worthy note of honor is Resident Evil: Build to Survive, by Twinmold. Shaakra’s has over 1,100,000 visits, and the game is near perfect. Check it out here!

Shaakras Zombie Defence

Shaakra's Zombie Defence

Ajedi32’s Ultimate Build to Survive

Ajedi32 is a site-renowned scripter on ROBLOX. His mastery of the Lua language is exhibitioned well in his Ultimate Build to Survive game. 990,000 visits, it’s still a classic game. Recent updates could have been better, as they induced a bit of lag. If you’re looking for a more basic game, try papasmurf’s Build to Survive Drakobloxxers V2. For a more differentiated game, give Ajedi32’s Ultimate Build to Survive a shot.

Ultimate Build to Survive

Ultimate Build to Survive

miked’s Ultimate Paintball & kinglime’s Mega Paintball

Paintball is a highly popular sport involving balls of paint flying towards your face at high speeds. Gives plastic surgery a WHOLE new meaning, especially to ROBLOXians. miked is indeed the creator himself of the paintball gun. kinglime got himself banned, no point in leading you to a “The Item You Requested Does Not Exist.” redirect. Ultimate Paintball is the only game so far on ROBLOX to have obtained 2,000,000 visits. Considering its MASSIVE rate of growth, I doubt its beeline of fame and popularity will stop anytime soon.

Ultimate Paintball

Ultimate Paintball

 Mega Paintball is a near-exact replica of Ultimate Paintball. Significant differences include a depression in the territory, with a small crevace and river at the bottom; bridges all across the battlefield for a more “reconnaissance”-type attack; and a major bridge connecting the two highest areas which have the bases, for a massive crossfire assault.

Mega Paintball

Mega Paintball

griff27’s Modern Warfare

Despite his objections, I highly suspect the game is based of off Medal of Honor or Call of Duty 4. Too many similar features. Anyway, griff27 has certainly made an impressive game. The only problem: too many noobs have glitched the VIP Armor. It takes about 5 sniper shots to finally dispatch them. :/ So much for the impressive scores I used to get with the L96. But take my word for it, this game is not bad, especially for those expert close range assault soldiers. Modern Warfare. has over 920,000 visits, and there are practically always some people to get. If this game isn’t your type, try Heli-Wars: Desert Attack V2.1 by DrewsomeB. Heli-Wars is the definition of classic. A basic helicopter and a troop helicopter, a car with a tool, an AK-47, and a Rocket Launcher are all your team gets. Cross the cactus filled desert and shoot down your enemy team’s choppers, then get that meshed flag, only to be asploded by a Team Killer. (Just kidding. :D)

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare

This concludes my first edition of Front Page Highlights. I will also review your place; even if it isn’t front page, it might just be front page material. ;) I will throw in one of my better places in there once in a while, too. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the rest of summer!





7 responses

5 09 2009

Ah, yes, I remeber the good old days.

31 08 2009

Did I exceed j00r expectations, boss man? :/
Oh, and great post and all, but the games page wasn’t so good back in 2008, either. It wasn’t even that great in 2007, to be truthful.

Crossroads wasn’t really 2008. It had it’s reign in summer 2007, and started dying out in fall 2007… meaning I barely got to experience it’s epicness…
Oh well. Good post, though. Good post.

31 08 2009

wow this is good

31 08 2009

Awsome place reveiws!!! (I love Wingz World ,Modern Warfare and Ultimate Paintball)

31 08 2009

Great Job! Best Place review(s) I have seen so far!

30 08 2009

Well, images with links to the places have been added. :D
And I’ll be sure to use that format next time.

30 08 2009

You are awesome, When You Emailed me saying you wanted to be hired, I expected you to be a Adverage Joe-ish worker, Not this kind of Employee. You Exceded my Expectations by a Long shot, This will be a awesome addition to RONEWSPRESS, I have a few concerns also, I will need you to Include pictures to your Posts in the furure. And when you do Regular Place reveiws please rate the places on
And overall
You do this, And you will be on your way to the top man.

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