HolyMac is Back!!!!!

18 09 2009

Former forum mod, HolyMac is now a Forum Mod once again! SHe got Releaved of Being a mod 2 years back because SHe was to young. ReeseMcBlox had told him a few years ago “When you are old enough to be a Mod, Conact me.” So, Now She is old enough and he did contact Reese! Wonder how I know this, So Soon? SHe Told me, On Xfire! Me and her have been pretty good friends over the last few months. I have a Picture of this Convo, But not on this Computer, I’ll Try to Add it tomorow.

Holy Mac
















This Really hasnt gone around much yet, I was one of the 1st to hear it, But now that it is on RnP it will go around a Bit more.





3 responses

19 09 2009

do you know Holymac in really life?

19 04 2011

No, I was just good friends with her on XFire.


18 09 2009

*cough* she *cough*

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