Eleven Thousands is a Happy Number

22 09 2009

11 – One + One = Happy  Eleven

11,000 Is a Purty big number, thats why Eleven thousand is happy, Dur. This means that RONEWSPRESS has not 1 not 2 not 9001 not 13 but 11 Veiw Posts *Wow*. But todays also a Sad day, I painted on my shirt D:, But WHO CARES let the:D kill the D:! As you can see, I am pretty Crazed today, I dont know why, but you should be HAPPY!

11,000 Veiws

Wow, Awesome Picture, AMIRITE????? I would like to thank peoples that needz thankinz. 1st Mancon123 and FurryAmigo for Keeping this site going, And then Benzo2 For posting allot *Hint Hint, Benzo may get a promotion!* And our Many fans for keeping Us goin’! Together, You’ve made us one of the most up-to-date Quality filled fansites in History *Cough*Of ROBLOX*Cough*. 11,000 A happy number, Awesome Number, Exterordinary number, Bla “>Bla Bla Bla Number!






2 responses

25 09 2009

The equation at the top… it’s too hard!!

22 09 2009

Woah, ITZ OVA 9000!!!

Nice pic

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