New Group Rank System

15 10 2009

Unveiled yesterday, was the new update of the group ranking system.

Yes, you can create your own ranks with custom names, description etc (I’ll get into that later)


There are a few important notes about the new Customisable Ranks:

  • Name: The name of the rank
  • Description: A brief description used to explain what this rank is about. This will be used more in the future.
  • Rank: This is a value between 0 (the lowest) and 255 (the highest). 255 is reserved for the group owner, and 0 is reserved for guests. (Non-group members). This value is used with a few of the permissions (see below) and will be used more in the future.
  • Permissions(colored boxes): This is a list of the current permissions we’ve indicated. Feel free to assign different permissions to different ranks as you see fit. Maybe your “Peons” can only view the wall, but not post to it. Or maybe you want everyone to be able to post to the status. You control all of this now!
  • Price: Customizable Ranks cost only 25 Robux! This small fee makes sure the feature isn’t abused by spammers!

To change someone’s Rank:


Click on the drop down list and select the rank you want (but not the admin rank). Simplez!

Great update and one that I have always wanted.

Hope to see Group Badges in the future!


P.S I spell customisable the English way, sorry!




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