I’m Back

28 02 2010

I am back and ready to get the site running again *Cough*LikeIhaventsaidThatbefore*Cough* I am not as devoted as when the site started but I want this site to keep Going I am continuing my role as Dev. Who makes the Header and Updates the site. Mancon Deleted all the pages without permission so I will be trying to get them back one at a time. We will have no talk on the way we where before and will be hiring staff with Experience. And we need proof of that experience Links of posts on other fansites or Bodies of Text written by you, you will PM me on ROBLOX with this imformation Do NOT post on Comments. I doubt many people actually veiw this site anymore so I will post on the forums about this. No Negitive Comments, Spamming or anything of that sort, I have the ability to put your comments through moderation before they are available for seeing.

— GTA4rox08 (RnP Developer)




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