Ronewspress Update(s) Suggestion Post.

1 03 2010

As Ronewspress Developer it is my job to fequently update this site, With cool stuff like new headers, Pages, Exc. I have a Few Ideas that will remain a secret until I post about them later. Sites arnt anything without some veiwer Participation; Thats what I am asking for now.

If one of the 20 veiwers a day have any Ideas of stuff to put on this site that would’nt cost me any money and Would’nt be verry Hard Feel free to post about them here! If your Idea gets chosen to be put on this site We will give you full Credit in the form of your name on the post about the Feature. Awesome Eh?

We would like to hear from all of you, And hear of all the Ideas that you may have.

Thanks for your time.

–GTA4rox08 (RnP Developer)




One response

23 05 2010

nightmre789 is always making amusing town halls in the fun game ROBLOX

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