Reeses Mystery Pony *Cough*Llama*Cough* Pinata

13 04 2010

As you probably have found out by now, Reese’s Mystery Pony Pinata has been making many ROBLOXians wonder, especially the 1255 people who have already bought it and the 749 people who have yet to get the last copies. This hat is taking much longer than other Limited hats to sell out because of its High price and High amount of copies.

Though this ‘Pony’ Looks more like a Llama than a pony it will soon have a special item come out of it! Preferably some sorry of candy type object. This hat has been on sale at 1000 R$ for around 5 days now and still just under Half of the copies are still being sold, I guess because there is such a big number people can wait till the end to get the hat.

We (Or just me) at want you  to give us your Guess to what is inside the Pinata, Or Share your opinions of what  it is…

Sorry for the over a month hiatus is posting, I am sorry, I see you still gave us views during the break, Well thanks for sticking with us.

PS: If you would like to contact me in the next few days PM GTAIVrox08.

–GTA4rox08 (The currently banned RNP Dev)




One response

28 05 2010

Oh man, I don’t know where to start! Inside there might be candy, bugs, pie, skateboards, wafflez, but I think it will be candy. Ol’ classic candy.

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