We have been Hacked.

2 05 2010

Earlier this afternoon Mancon123 (Site Admin) Came to me franticly saying that he couldn’t log onto his account and he thought it may have been hacked. I went to the site to see the pages dissapearing one by one everytime I refreshed the page, I deleted mancon’s user from the staff and all the posts and paged where safe for then. Then somehow all of the restored pages went away and out of the trashbin, Me (Being the only other Admin) quickly changed the password of my account to prevent anymore hacking.

To whoever did this, If you are reading. I payed for this site so it is against the law to hack it as if you took it you would be taking my money. Please stop all efforts of hacking this site because of what I said before.

Before anyone will be hired or premoted I will have to regain the trust of these people. So no jobs are open for the next few weeks.

To the loyal veiwers that are reading this in dissapointment, I thank you for your support.

The pages will be back in a few days and it will be like nothing had ever happened.

Thanks for your time

–GTA4rox08 (RONEWSPRESS Owner)




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