Happy Late 2 Year RoNewsPress Aniversary!!

19 04 2011

You don’t know how long it has been since I posted here, used the fabulous wordpress editor <3<3. Well, even if I am 1 day late, I though I wouldn’t miss the 2 year aniversary post of this website. Well, like I said a few posts ago, mancon did remove all the posts we had, about a year ago, so now there is like 29 instead of 700… You don’t know how sad it makes me to come here and see all of e and my authors hard work gone at a few clicks of a button. And you also dont know how sad it is to lose your friends that this site maintained. Like FurryAmigo, benzo somthing. And alot more people.

I miss writing every day, I miss posting on this site, I miss the fun I used to have on ROBLOX. Well, with the site being dead, went a good part of my pasttime. I have resorted to playing minecraft, and I have had plenty fun on it.

I would like to sincerely thank you guys that are still coming here ever so often to check up on the site, and I thank all previous authors for their help. (None of you have posting abilities anymore :( ).

PS: I got 16 veiws today, that is more than I usually got when the site was active. How sad.


   (Owner And Dev of RnP)




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