Ronewspress Update(s) Suggestion Post.

1 03 2010

As Ronewspress Developer it is my job to fequently update this site, With cool stuff like new headers, Pages, Exc. I have a Few Ideas that will remain a secret until I post about them later. Sites arnt anything without some veiwer Participation; Thats what I am asking for now.

If one of the 20 veiwers a day have any Ideas of stuff to put on this site that would’nt cost me any money and Would’nt be verry Hard Feel free to post about them here! If your Idea gets chosen to be put on this site We will give you full Credit in the form of your name on the post about the Feature. Awesome Eh?

We would like to hear from all of you, And hear of all the Ideas that you may have.

Thanks for your time.

–GTA4rox08 (RnP Developer)


:P. Almost 4 years.

3 04 2013

I was having one of my rare nostalgic times where I pretty much think through my entire life and reminisce about the past. I was thinking about myself at the time this blog was up and running, regretting things, thinking of all the good times, old friends.

I just thought I would post here to see if any of the old staff or viewers even come back here on occasion. If you do, add me on Skype, or Steam. My name on both of them is GTA4rox08.

I doubt that anyone will read this, but It would be good catching up with some of the people whom I used to speak to a lot.

Thanks :]



(Owner And Dev of RnP)

Happy Late 2 Year RoNewsPress Aniversary!!

19 04 2011

You don’t know how long it has been since I posted here, used the fabulous wordpress editor <3<3. Well, even if I am 1 day late, I though I wouldn’t miss the 2 year aniversary post of this website. Well, like I said a few posts ago, mancon did remove all the posts we had, about a year ago, so now there is like 29 instead of 700… You don’t know how sad it makes me to come here and see all of e and my authors hard work gone at a few clicks of a button. And you also dont know how sad it is to lose your friends that this site maintained. Like FurryAmigo, benzo somthing. And alot more people.

I miss writing every day, I miss posting on this site, I miss the fun I used to have on ROBLOX. Well, with the site being dead, went a good part of my pasttime. I have resorted to playing minecraft, and I have had plenty fun on it.

I would like to sincerely thank you guys that are still coming here ever so often to check up on the site, and I thank all previous authors for their help. (None of you have posting abilities anymore :( ).

PS: I got 16 veiws today, that is more than I usually got when the site was active. How sad.


   (Owner And Dev of RnP)


22 05 2010

We have been Hacked.

2 05 2010

Earlier this afternoon Mancon123 (Site Admin) Came to me franticly saying that he couldn’t log onto his account and he thought it may have been hacked. I went to the site to see the pages dissapearing one by one everytime I refreshed the page, I deleted mancon’s user from the staff and all the posts and paged where safe for then. Then somehow all of the restored pages went away and out of the trashbin, Me (Being the only other Admin) quickly changed the password of my account to prevent anymore hacking.

To whoever did this, If you are reading. I payed for this site so it is against the law to hack it as if you took it you would be taking my money. Please stop all efforts of hacking this site because of what I said before.

Before anyone will be hired or premoted I will have to regain the trust of these people. So no jobs are open for the next few weeks.

To the loyal veiwers that are reading this in dissapointment, I thank you for your support.

The pages will be back in a few days and it will be like nothing had ever happened.

Thanks for your time

–GTA4rox08 (RONEWSPRESS Owner)

The bears have invaded: They are causing a fuss

29 04 2010

The new bodyparts have arrived!!!! And they are allready getting on the nasty side of people.

These parts have been causing havic on the Test server for weeks now and people have been Dreading the arrival. Well it has happened today, But just for a Trail basis, The body parts expire in 24 hours. I am guessing they are seeing if they have any gliches in game?

I am sorry for the short post, I made a 500 word one yesterday but It somehow didnt get published….

Hi, I’m the newest author.

19 04 2010

Some of you may know me from ROBLOX as AN00B.


Random facts about me:

  1. I ♥ snowboarding
  2. I use a tablet
  3. I like designing graphics
  4. I am currently lead moderator on BlockCommunitY

27 posts in a Year LOLWAT?????????

18 04 2010

I know some of you guize (Misspellation Purposly(Misspellation isn’t a word XD)) are wondering why this site has been open for over a year and it only has 27 posts. Wellllllll, I can explain that, The site was dead for a couple of months so I closed it, about 1 month later Mancon123 opened it again, And In a attempt to get rid of the drama he deleted all the posts ‘_’ I didnt get them back in time and they where all deleted, All 700 of them, The days of work out staff put into them, So Lets see how many posts we can get in another year!

GTA4rox08 (RnP Dev and Owner)